Demonetization: Ending the Cult of Commodity

Kellia Ramares-Watson, author and member of, plans to write a book on demonetization. She will explain what ending the cult of commodity is all about. This project nevertheless… needs money. Thus, we are collecting financial contributions for “Ending the Cult of Commodity“, that make this urgent project possible.

This book is vital to the demonetization movement, because, though there are quite a bit of publications on demonetization from an academic viewpoint, a popular introduction is still missing.

We propose donations between 60 and 130 USD and invite you to contribute via paypal or by contacting Andreas Exner (see his adress here). Contributors currently (25.6.2013) have collected already about 1.260 USD, but we still need about 1.300 USD until the end of July!

In the following, Kellia describes the project and her approach to demonetization.

What the book will be about

Demonetization: Ending the Cult of Commodity will explain in plain language, the monetary reasons behind violence, exploitation, and disasters from  BP’s Deepwater Horizon to Fukushima, to factory collapses in Bangladesh, to the economic disaster that is austerity in the Eurozone. It will condemn, in no uncertain terms, the idea that buying and selling is humanity’s highest purpose, and that everything can and should eventually be for sale. (The Cult of Commodity). It debunk the idea that money is the biggest and best incentive to creativity. The book will show how working for wages disguises a relationship that is very akin to slavery, and how slavery, as most people would recognize it, still exists. The book will expose fatal flaws, such as the inherent nature of competition, that make reform of the current money-and-jobs system futile. This is seldom discussed as left, right, and center try to adjust the current system more to their liking. It will show that the money-jobs system, whether it is called capitalism, socialism social democracy or even communism, is a completely irrational way to distribute resources that truly benefits only the elite of the world, while the rest suffer under the delusion that if they just work harder, they will “make it.”

The book will explain the values we must adopt to successfully demonetize our private lives as much as we can now, while advocating for a fully demonetized life for future generations.  It will also give examples of demonetization past and present, drawn from books, newspapers, periodicals  and websites that can easily be found  in a book store, library or the Internet for little or no cost, so that people who are quick to dismiss demonetization as hopelessly Utopian can see it in past and current practice.

Who I am and why I think this book is needed

I’m Kellia Ramares-Watson, writer, editor, radio producer and demonetarist. Proponents of demonetization believe that the modern world’s emphasis on making money is destroying lives, cultures, and the environment. Demonetarists have authored many books and other learned treatises on the subject, but, though well argued, they have largely failed to draw a large audience among average people because many of them are rather… academic.

I can combine my academic education (Bachelor of Arts in Economics) with my 14 years of experience in the “community” sector of broadcast news which centers on covering the struggles of everyday people, and my lifetime of experience struggling to make ends meet, and watching my friends do the same, to write a book on demonetization for the general public.

From: demonetize.itBy: Andreas Exner