An Economy without Money? Conference of German Ecological Economists 2013

by Andreas Exner

This years ecological economics conference in Germany is devoted to the issue of demonetization. It will take place 12th to 14th of Sept. in Oldenburg.

According to the subtitle, the conference discussion will be located “between capitalist market economy and gift economy”. Christa Müller, Uta von Winterfeld, Adelheid Biesecker, Andrea Vetter and others illustrate a strong feminist focus of the event. Participants will discuss whether society should and can dispense with money.

Reading the introductory statements of members of the executive board of the German Society for Ecological Economics, one gets the impression that ecological economists are not so much interested in a radical inquiry of demonetization, but nevertheless try to formulate some sort of partial critique of the money fetish in the name of “regulating” or “limiting markets”, and “taming capital”.

From: demonetize.itBy: Andreas Exner