Your Money or Your Life: Humanity Nears a Deadline to Decide Which it Will Surrender

Kėllia Ramares-Watson, an independent journalist in Oakland, California, writes about money and the choices that are ahead on Information Clearing House. Check out her article here and decide yourself!

But we should know that terrorism has economic roots, and that the tactic of terrorism does not always involve bombs and bullets.  In fact the true terrorism is being perpetrated on us, all around the world, every day, by the bankers and their complacent, bought politicians.  There is a solution to the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, the United States, and globally.  And there is a solution to global terrorism.  It’s the same solution. It doesn’t involve political repression, martial law or global warfare. It’s a simple solution, really.  The difficulty is getting people to accept it. It means giving up an addiction even stronger than oil.

The solution is the abolition of money.

From: demonetize.itBy: Andreas Exner