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A website set up to promote the merits of an open access, moneyless society has reached the landmark of 50,000 signatories, representing almost every nation on the planet. The site was set up in March 2011 by Irish songwriter and music producer Colin Turner with visitors able to sign up and support ten objectives aimed at
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If you built it, will they come?

Julie Glasscock and Vladimir Alzamora Kadagaya ( There is an increasingly large global community promoting, advocating and discussing a resource-based economy and many working on designing what such a future might look like. We can be sure that if such a wonderful society existed there would be no shortage of volunteers willing to try it

Overpopulation – Is It a Myth?

The hype of ‘overpopulation’ has been going on for years in the media. And even some ‘philanthropists’ like Bill Gates is promoting de-population through vaccines and more to lower the population of this ‘overpopulated’ world. Now, is the planet really overpopulated? Or will it be, if we continue multiplying? Obviously, it will be if we exponentially increase ourselves indefinitely,

Six Philosophies Which Enable a Resource-Based Economy

The resource-based economy has become a popular topic of discussion, and this paper is the author’s inaugural foray into the field. Far from being an easy convert to social movements, I am inherently distrustful of them. However, a hard-won ally is a hard-lost one. Perhaps it is time for me to endorse the movement and
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Economic Calculation in a Resource Based Economy – A Defence

INTRODUCTION AND DISCLAIMER [1] The ideas of Ludwig von Mises, an economist of the Austrian School, have been resurrected by critics of a RBE in an attempt to show that a moneyless economy is impossible. Despite numerous attempts to disprove the criticism, the spectre of von Mises still hangs over the social movements that support
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Transitioning to a Green Economy

While we’re facing grave economic and environmental challenges globally, Holigent addresses both issues with the Holigent Village—a blueprint for redesigning and reconstructing the way we live, work, commute, consume and govern ourselves. The Holigent Village is a proposed live/work, car-free affordable housing community with a hybrid socioeconomic arrangement. It’s a bottom-up approach that can be

Waking Up movie: First Draft Finished

Remember Waking Up? The open source movie about a positive future with a resource based sharing economy? Well, first draft is finished. Harald Sandø (yours truly) has spent the last year writing the script based on a story the Waking Up community approved. I am not going to reveal the story here, but can give

RBE, problems to consider

Been thinking on RBE for some time, what I keep coming back to is how to convince the masses that this is workable, how to convince the “one percent” as well as the business community and government that this can work. I haven’t read everything here but I haven’t seen anything about how to begin

A social network that can develop into an economic system

Babbling Brook is a new social networking protocol that has been designed to develop into a full new socioeconomic system. It is a tool that can make a resource economy possible. When I first started developing Babbling Brook, I was inspired by ideas about gift economies. I found lots of people talking about the idea,

Starting a Gift Economy

By Maja Borg It took us over five years to complete the film FUTURE MY LOVE. In those years, awareness of economy changed dramatically. In 2007, ‘economy’ was not really a hot topic and was mostly left aside for those who ‘knew what they were doing’. This surprised me because I feel so passionate [...]
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