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Starting a Gift Economy

By Maja Borg It took us over five years to complete the film FUTURE MY LOVE. In those years, awareness of economy changed dramatically. In 2007, ‘economy’ was not really a hot topic and was mostly left aside for those who ‘knew what they were doing’. This surprised me because I feel so passionate

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Waking Up movie is waking up again

The open source collaborative movie project, Waking Up, is waking up again. The film is about a positive future with a global resource based economy seen through the eyes of Ben, a former businessman from 2014, who dies but is frozen and awakened in 2112. The project was  put on ice about a year ago […]

Jobs in a Resource-Based Economy

I would like to offer my suggestions for how the concept of employment could be addressed, defined, and/or enacted in a resource-based economy (RBE).  I work in healthcare, and I see a wholly viable paradigm available for emulation in the medical community’s path of what I will refer to as “Rotation-and-Specialization” (RAS).  I will refer

What can we learn from the Internet?

Internet pioneer Danny Hills has a TED talk about the early days of the Internet. On that talk we see that the Internet, on its early days, was essentially an obscure network based on trust. Today, the Internet is much bigger, and much more important. Despite its massive importance, governments and corporations are constantly on

The Power of Love

People are often telling me that I am preaching communism, and, you know, that it failed. The second is true and it failed for good reason. Communism was merely an ideological concept for a fairer distribution of wealth. It’s center philosophy was again rather inhumane, materialistic and technocratic, but that’s not what people longed for. Communism, […]

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Living together as One

Now it might sound a little crazy, but have you ever thought about what would be if we wouldn’t live in isolated buildings, like everyone in his own apartment or house, but instead we had one huge living space for us all, that we shared, where we all lived together like one big family? These […]

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The spirit of a new church

A society without money, based on love, has been a dream for centuries. Why didn’t it work out until now? Mainly because  the traditional church institutions corrupted it. It is a tragedy of our past that those religious entities who ought to promote love in fact hindered it and separated us from it. I read […]

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Invitation to Submit Articles

We welcome you to submit your original content. is an independent blog for people interested in a resource based economy, with all it’s aspects, from giving and sharing to technological advancements, social systems, and more. We author and aggregate mind-opening articles, editorials and videos that inspire the world of our readers and liberate them from the

Do Angels carry cash?

What do you think the value of the sun is? In terms of energy output, converted to dollars per BTU, what is the sun worth? On any given day, how much do you pay for the sun’s warmth and light? Should some people get more sun than others? If a person is unwilling, or unable

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Occupy the Resource Based Economy – Some Definitions from the Occupy Movement

Articles by Rene K. Mueller (RBE, Sharing, Gift Economy), Sushma Ramakrishna (Gift Economy). Permaculture is taken from Wikipedia and summarized. The following article collection are some definitions of Resource Based Economy, Gift Economy, Sharing and Permaculture provided from an Occupy Movement wiki site I think they are well worth looking at as they contribute to clarify some